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About Us

The Unstoppables are formed of 5 beneficiaries of Charity for Charity, a local wish fulfilling organization, fulfilling wishes to individuals with life threatening illness or traumatic injury. Founder Charity Prestifilippo hosted a fundraiser in 2007 for a family friend that was diagnosed with cancer. The event was such a success, she decided to make it annual. 14 years later, these 5 beneficiaries were so inspiring with their stories that she wanted to share them with the world.

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Our Wish Brigade

A Bit of Background

Charity for Charity and The Unstoppables operate on donations and by volunteers called the Wish Brigade. Each month, this group filled with amazing hearts meet to plan events and fundraisers.

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Meet the amazing photographers
that donate their talent to us


Shawna Sarnowski Photography

Lisa Owen-Lynch Live Painting

Live painting artist

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Sapient Film Productions

Loretto Di Cesare

Antinum Film

About: Meet the Team
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